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Group Meditation and Breathwork Sessions

Is your team fatigued, overwhelmed or in need of self-care?

If so, you've come to the right place.


Toxic stress and anxiety are biochemicals processes that impact your physical health, mental acuity, how you cope in stressful situations and increase emotional distress. 

Because of:

  • high cortisol levels,

  • brain fog,

  • high blood pressure, 

  • desperate alertness, and

  • fear-based thinking


your ability to sleep, to stay mentally sharp, emotionally healthy, be creative, and self-regulate your stress responses, takes a hit.

Live, guided meditation, and breathwork sessions contribute to and assist your capacity:

  • to relax,

  • stay present (instead of lost in excessive thinking),

  • reduce stress-induced behaviors such as restlessness and panic,

  • deactivate anxiety

  • connect deeply with your heart and your sense of joy

Meditation and breathwork practices are no longer luxuries or 'extra-curricular' habits.

They are imperative for a healthy body, a clear mind, and a resilient heart.

With a single thought, you can activate hundreds of biochemical reactions in your body, leading to the emotional residue that you feel like anger, frustration, sadness, or anxiety.

Being guided through a nervous system recalibration through these live meditation and breathwork sessions will allow your body, mind, and emotions to foster healing and healthy chemical reactions in your body, that you feel as relaxation, rejuvenation, calm, and joy.

Session Details:

  • 60 minutes or 75 minutes

  • Virtual, live through Zoom

  • 10 - 15 minutes of introductions, instructions, and what to expect

  • 30 - 45 minutes of guided meditation and breathwork practice

  • 10 minutes or so of Q&A, brain science discussions, sharing, etc.

Novices and beginner meditators are especially encouraged to lie down and be comfortable during the meditation and breathwork practice, however, sitting up will have the same impact.

All are welcome to stay after the meditation and leave with helpful tips on procrastination-proof, home meditation/breathwork practices. 

Who are these group workshops for?

  • Companies that invest in mental wellness practices for their staff and clients

  • Schools who wish to thank their teachers and help staff manage stress and anxiety

  • Mom Groups who are focused on community health and well-being

  • Non Profits who are invested in helping their staff with mental health practices

  • Start-Ups who are invested in employee mental and emotional relief

  • Any other group who is curious about the direct impact of meditation and breathwork

These sessions are open to novice and beginner meditators, as well as those who have a consistent practice.

Download our pricing brochure with more details: TTI Brochure

To learn more or book a session, contact us: 

Why our clients love us...

Natalia M.,

Design Specialist, Haworth Collection

Rajni, thank you so much for leading a group of over 80 participants in a much needed COVID Coping Meditation.

In a time of great uncertainly and anxiety, you were able to arm us with valuable tools to help us stay in the present and breath in a way that truly healed our souls.

The gentle sound of your voice helped guide our thoughts and provided an hour of

true relaxation.

Thank you for uniting us with a sense of community and the feeling that we are all in this together. You were wonderful!

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Natalia Headshot.jpeg

Kathleen B.

Founder, hibuddi

I have followed Rajni around studios in Chicago and tracked her down to host a virtual session for our cancer community because she is simply the best.

Our heart resonance meditation was the most beautiful session created by Rajni for an audience in great need of healing energy.

Our guests were raving about how good they felt for days.

I cannot recommend her enough if you're looking to feel good by reconnecting with your heart,

look no further.

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KB new headshot crop.jpeg

 Tanya S., Litigation Attorney

Rajni helped me to develop a daily meditation practice that has deeply transformed how I move through the world....

what she offers is so much more than simply a coping mechanism for a stressful job.

I find that I am now less caught up in the drama and

posturing that I encounter in litigation and instead am empowered to find that space between action and reaction,

to  sustain the stillness so

necessary to perceiving our own wisdom, and to more intelligently craft my own responses and behavior.

Through working with Rajni,

I’ve found new sovereignty that I had not experienced before.

Senanayake  Tanya_091117_0004-crop.jpg

Chad B., Economic Crimes Paralegal, U.S Attorney’s Office

Rajni’s weekly meditations help me feel embodied. My day-to-day work can be stressful at times. I observe that I am less aware of sensations when I am moving from an anxious place: smells, tastes, and sounds are less vivid.

After meditation with Rajni, I love to put on soft music, cook myself a meal, and revel in my renewed ability to tap into joy.

Rajni’s lifelong meditation is evident in the way she seems to meet me, however I show up, and remind me that my center exists and remains accessible always.

I know Rajni can hold space for those both new to and established in a mindfulness practice; she’s been holding space for me since 2013!

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