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Consciousness Studies Program

Curriculum, Schedule and Registration

What is the Consciousness Studies Program?

The Consciousness Studies program is an advanced training program designed for self-mastery and experiential study
in the fields of quantum physics, psychedelics, ancient and indigenous cultures, meditation, and multi-dimensional studies in the fields of energy, biology, psychotherapy, and neuropsychology.

It is a result of comprehensive study, education, integration, experimentation, and most importantly, the application of the interconnectedness of several subjects, across multiple facets of research.

Is this program right for me?

This program requires a balanced, open, curious, and integrative mind... one that is ready to feel information (feminine approach), as much as it is to receive data (masculine approach).

You'll need to have a respect for esoteric truths and its alignment with data-driven information.

We embrace an integrative approach to analysis – a connected worldview -, rather than a divisive approach to analysis – a disconnected worldview.

If you're a holistic coach, engage in esoteric and meditative practices, an advocate of integrative learning in the medical, wellness and health industries, then this program will deepen your own self-mastery and provide a platform for you, as an Advanced, Integrative teacher in Consciousness Studies and Quantum Health, to assist yourself, your community and your clients in ways never thought possible before. 

What is the schedule?

September 5, 2023, to March 23, 2023

Zoom classroom sessions are held every two weeks on Tuesdays,
from 6:30pm CST to 9pm CST (7:30pm EST to 10pm EST)

One Sunday every month for a 4-hour online, intensive classroom session

What will I learn?

Your study manual will include modules such as:

- Ancient and Modern Consciousness Theories
- Multi-dimensional Levels of Consciousness
- DMT and Psychedelic Research and Experience
- Psychoneuroimmunology and Quantum Physics
- The Gaian Mind
- Advanced Pranayama and Inter-Dimensional Studies
- Energy states, Kathara Grid and Monadic Structures
- Psychotherapeutic States of Healing and Mentalism
- Human Design and Gene Keys
- Heart-Math and Mathematical Philosophy

and much more...

Weekly study time is about 2 hours

What will I receive?

- Upon graduation, a teacher certification qualifying you to apply what you've studied as an Integrative teacher in Consciousness Studies and Quantum Health

- The study manual shipped to you

- 1:1 therapy or study sessions with Rajni as you need

Investment and Deposit


Monthly payment plans are available.

A deposit of $500 is required by August 1, 2023 to hold your spot.

Bonus and Gifts

- Monthly Self-Care Packages: Every month you’ll receive a special box with physical, mental and emotional health goodies + products just for your joy and comfort.

Human Design Report based on Sidereal (not Tropical astrology, which is mathematically inaccurate). This will include your Gene Keys. If you already have one based on Sidereal, then you’ll receive something else, of equal joy and value.

Monthly guest teachers during the Sunday intensives across the fields of conscious studies, quantum physics, modern medicine, eastern medicine, etc.

Energy recalibration/healing sessions during every monthly Sunday intensive

Graduate-only website access for the latest in the fields of research and esoteric studies.

How do I sign up?

Subscribe to our Inside Your Mind biweekly newsletter to learn when registration opens:


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