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Rajni Tripathi - MS, E-RYT 500, YACEP


Rajni, Managing Director of Thought Transformation Institute, is focused on holistic mental and emotional health. By merging meditation, talk-therapy, coaching and mind-body practices, she helps her clients combat stress, develop resilience, and live sovereign and empowered. 


Rajni's background includes over 10,000 hours of teaching/therapy experience, hundreds of hours of meditation, and yoga training, along with neurolinguistic programming, evidence-based mindfulness training, and much more. Her purpose is to help others live awake, and aware.


Rajni also serves as a Board Member of the American Women's Medical Association - Chicago, and other organizations to actively promote and facilitate all avenues of mental wellness and emotional health in her community.

Rajni's Private Practice

Rajni is available for 1:1 therapeutic coaching as well as private meditation sessions, on a limited basis throughout the year.

Her 1:1 coaching sessions are specialized and include biofeedback technology, personality mapping, personalized meditations, and cognitive behavioral therapy, to help treat and assist women on their journey through:

- chronic anxiety
- depression
- life transitions such as death and divorce
- phase transitions such as career shifts and new empty nesters

Email info [AT], to inquire about openings for private 1:1 meditation sessions and/or therapy sessions

Whitney Katz

Yoga and Wellness Teacher

I was already grateful to Rajni for her meditation and guidance, and can't begin to express my gratitude for her coaching program, continuous support and non-judgement.  


There is no cookie-cutter approach here and Rajni's guidance and care are unique to each person.


Whenever I have sessions with her, my experience with her leaves me feeling empowered, capable, encouraged and positive. 


Michele Capots

Founder and Owner, Dragonfly Path LLC

Rajni gave me clarity on what I wanted to do and what direction I needed to take to do it. This helped me develop self-confidence and align myself to my purpose. 


I learned how to manage my time efficiently and reach my goals, all while developing conducive habits for my success.


Rajni is a badass, no-nonsense, results-oriented coach.


Client, Digital Consultant

I've dealt with anxiety and panic attacks for over 15 years. Through Rajni's multi-dimensional approach combining therapy with powerful meditations and biofeedback tech, I've never felt more at peace with myself and healthier on a level I never thought possible.

Her emphasis on working with the body to manage my anxiety, put an entirely different perspective on how I could help myself when I was feeling the onset of a panic attack. 

She was always available and regularly checked in on me throughout the week,

even though our sessions were once a week.

I can't recommend her enough. She's changed my life. 

Client, Architect

My divorce was a heavy experience that coincided with the kids leaving the house, and my desire to head back to a career that I'd been absent from for over 15 years.

We worked consistently at my confidence, thought patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Rajni is such a gem with an incredible amount of patience and compassion.

She never pushed me nor made me feel like I was 'behind in life'. She checked in on me many times during the week and I can honestly say, I've had many on the spur conversations with her when I was anxious or knee-deep in doubt.

As a woman, she really encouraged me to tap into the deep reservoir of my feminine power and capacity to self-love and be present for my kids. Even today, on the rare occasion when I feel doubt, I call her. She's given me the tools to be self-sufficient and successful in this new wave of my life.

Client, Risk-Management Consultant

I never thought I'd be working with a therapeutic coach who brought me back in touch my inner strength and power as a woman. Rajni is so devoted to well-being that it makes you want to take care of yourself!

What I loved the most was how she approached our sessions. 

It wasn't just a coaching session. We used biofeedback tech along with energy work that was truly transformational.

She explained the science behind everything and I grew to learn some wonderful facts about how energy and frequencies work and we incorporated adaptogens specific to me, which made a huge difference in how my body felt!

Rajni is such a beautiful and kind soul.

I learned to tap into my inner strength and spiritual power in amazing ways.

Due to client confidentiality, some identities are not disclosed

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