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Mindset and Meditation Mastery

On-Demand Courses, Live Trainings and Workshops

Meditation by the Beach

Our Signature Mindset and Meditation Training Program for Women: DEEPEN

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on-demand classes

Through on-demand courses you can teach yourself how to:

- transform negative thought patterns into helpful mini             mindsets

- identify self-sabotaging behaviors and change them into     positive actions

- convert mal-adaptive coping strategies such as         shutting-down or yelling into healthier responses instead

- learn how to effectively communicate to deactivate       intense conversations into problem-solving communication.

- self-regulate when you are anxious or stressed

- boost your creativity and productivity with a clear mind

- activate healing and self-love behaviors to manage grief or anger

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Group Meditation Sessions

Our live, virtual group meditation/breathwork sessions have immense, tangible value.  There is power in coming together as a community and the opportunity to learn directly, in real-time, with our Founder.

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Listen to our clients...

That was the best “meeting” I’ve ever attended! It felt as though I had a wonderful massage when I was done with the deep breathing. It was so relaxing! Thank you so much for this.

Lisa G., Account Executive, Haworth Collection

Rajni helped me to develop a daily meditation practice and create better daily habits, that have deeply transformed how I move through the world....my job is not nearly as stressful as it used to be and I'm no longer anxious about Mondays :)

Nick S., Creative Consultant, NPV

 I just attended your online workshop for Teacher Appreciation Week. I loved it but feel I owe you an apology... I have no recollection of the end of the meeting and woke up on my living room floor :)) I guess it worked. Feeling wonderfully relaxed and refreshed. Many thanks!

Joe G., Teacher, Glenbrook High School 

About Thought Transformation Institute

Our mission is to help others Live Awake, Aware, and Able.

Supporting you in de-programming your subconscious patterns, we empower you with irreversible skills for a healthier mind, mindful emotions, and feeling better in your body.


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