Thought Transformation Institute

Merging Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Meditation
to Change Human Behavior


to empower every individual with a purposeful and growth-oriented mindset, embracing the intelligence behind their emotions, to live an extraordinary, passionate life. Setting the stage to create better communities and global impact, begins with one person.


to live an awake and aware life.  To help enhance the ability of every person, including non-binary and transgender individuals, to take full command and ownership of their life and relationships, through building powerful mental skills, healthy value systems and deeper connection with themselves and their intuition.

Core Values

seek gratitudeAppreciation keeps you focused on what's going right, instead of wrong.

take actionAction aligned with your goals and passion, fuels your forward momentum.

respect and ownershipTaking responsibility for ALL your emotions, thoughts and actions is the first step of any progress.

About Us

Thought Transformation Institute (TTI) is a Mindset and Meditation education company designed to optimize your personal and professional life through powerful and irreversible strategies and skills.


It all begins and ends in the mind.


TTI's individual and corporate training programs are built on the crucial tenets of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, deep meditation techniques, accountability coaching, emotional intelligence training, and leadership and communication development.


We marry these holistic approaches with techniques on cultivating deep personal compassion, learning about the greater awareness of 'the self', engage in exercises to convert self-sabotage into strategic motivation, uncover limiting beliefs, and empower you to lead and ultimately, create value-based living to optimize Y.O.U.

It's full-circle programming to live the life and have the career you may not even know is possible...yet.

“Dreams and reality are opposites. Action synthesizes them" Assata Shakur

I was already grateful to Rajni for her meditation and guidance, and can't begin to express my gratitude for her coaching program, continuous support and non-judgement.  
There is no cookie-cutter approach here and Rajni's guidance and care are unique to each person.
Whenever I have sessions with her, my experience with her leaves me feeling empowered, capable, encouraged and positive. 
Whitney Katz
Yoga and Wellness Teacher

Founder - Rajni Tripathi

Rajni is a Mindset & Meditation educator, merging emotional intelligence, mindfulness and meditation to change human behavior.


With over 5,000 hours of teaching/coaching experience, hundreds of hours of meditation, yoga and mindfulness training, along with deep education in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Evidence Based Mindfulness Training, and much more, Rajni's purpose is to help others live in deeper connection with themselves, so they can teach others how to do the same.


As Board Chair of the Chicago Women's Health Center, Executive Director of Yoga Service Council and Member of the Board of Directors for the American Women's Medical Association - Chicago, Rajni actively promotes and help facilitate all avenues of mental wellness and emotional health in her community.

Rajni gave me clarity on what I wanted to do and what direction I needed to take to do it. This helped me develop self confidence.  
I learned how to manage my time efficiently and reach my goals, developing conducive habits.
Rajni is a baddass, no nonsense, results-oriented coach.
Michele Capots
Founder and Owner, Dragonfly Path LLC

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