Haworth + Gensler

Relax and Reenergize Meditation and Breath Practice

Monday, September 21, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm EST via Zoom
Connection, Community and the Power of Meditation and Breath

Haworth Collection and Gensler 

 come together to support their clients and community.

Joining forces with Founder of Thought Transformation Institute - Rajni Tripathi, all participants will experience emotional regulation, and nervous system reset with deep relaxation, to deactivate anxiety, fear, stress, and excessive thoughts, through meditation and powerful breath practices. 

These sessions allow you to practice a steady, adaptive presence all the while soothing the mind, brain and heart. 

Everyone is encouraged to lie down and be comfortable during the meditation session, however, sitting up will have the same impact.

We'll spend the first few minutes introducing the practice.  The last 10-15 minutes will be for questions, developing community, learning about the brain-body, and to share experiences. 


All are welcome to stay after the meditation for questions


It's all connected. Let's learn how to impact, in a positive way, our entire Being from the inside out.

Pre-registration is required.

Please connect with Jonathan Areias, jonathan_areias@gensler.com with any questions.


All registrants will receive an email with the Zoom link and details for the event. 

Please check your spam folder if you don't receive it in your inbox.

"24 days straight meditation. Great sleep, energy levels have gone up quite a bit and I've also started intermittent fasting. I'm down 7lbs. Just feeling good so I thought i'd share how my journey is going. Anxiety is ok. Still not "cured", but I feel I can breathe through my spells a little better." 

"I really liked today the best. I tried laying down and it was much more comfortable than last time. It felt very healing." 

 "Loved it. Thought it was great and "easier" to relax than I thought it would be."  (his first time EVER meditating)

"Rajni is a great instructor. Really helps to calm your mind and relax your body"

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