Stress and Anxiety Reduction Meditation and Breathwork

Live, Online sessions via Zoom
Reduce Toxic Stress in Your Body and Gain Control Over Anxiety

Toxic stress and anxiety have a biochemical impact on your body. As educators post COVID-19, there is an enormous, layered responsibility of shifting your external environment, while managing your internal world of mind and body.

High cortisol levels, brain fog, high blood pressure, desperate alertness, and fear-based thinking all impact your ability to sleep, stay mentally and emotionally healthy, impact weight-gain, nervous system regulation and decision making skills (Mayo Clinic).

Live, online meditation and breathwork sessions contribute to and assist your ability to relax, stay present (instead of lost in excessive thinking), reduce stress-induced behaviors such as restlessness, panic, and deactivate anxiety. These sessions allow you to practice a steady, adaptive presence instead of feeling flustered and reactionary.

Everyone is encouraged to lie down and be comfortable during the meditation session, however, sitting up will have the same impact.

We'll spend the first few minutes introducing the practice.  The last 10-15 minutes will be for questions, learning about the brain-body, and to share experiences. 


All are welcome to stay after the meditation for questions


It's all connected. Let's learn how to impact, in a positive way, our entire Being from the inside out.

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Rajni helped me to develop a daily meditation practice that has deeply transformed how I move through the world....what she offers is so much more than simply a coping mechanism for a stressful job.


I find that I am now less caught up in the drama and posturing that I encounter in litigation and instead am empowered to find that space between action and reaction, to sustain the stillness so necessary to perceiving our own wisdom, and to more intelligently craft my own responses and behavior.


Through working with Rajni, I’ve found a new sovereignty that I had not experienced before.  Tanya Senanayake, Litigation Attorney

 I just attended your workshop. I loved it but feel I owe you an apology... I have no recollection of the end of the meeting and woke up on my living room floor :)) I guess it worked. Feeling wonderfully relaxed and refreshed. Many thanks!

Joe Gibbs, Educator

Thank you so much for your workshop this afternoon. I enjoyed "seeing" other teachers. I haven't meditated so deeply before during a work day! I feel great...thank you for offering this.

Christy Hemesath, Educator

Rajni’s meditations help me feel embodied. My day-to-day work can be stressful at and I observe that I am less aware of sensations when I am moving from an anxious place: smells, tastes, and sounds are less vivid.


After meditation with Rajni I love to put on soft music, cook myself a meal, and revel in my renewed ability to tap into joy.


Rajni’s lifelong meditation is evident in the way she seems to meet me, however I show up, and remind me that my center exists and remains accessible always.


I know Rajni can hold space for those both new to and established in a mindfulness practice; she’s been holding space for me since 2013! - Chad D. Byron, Economic Crimes Paralegal for the US Attorney’s Office

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