Slow-Flow Yoga Class

Live 50-minute session with Rajni Tripathi

Wednesdays: 5:00 - 5:50am CST
Sessions Conducted via Zoom: 
Connection, Community and the Power of Movement and Breath

Coming together with community through movement and breath, to support physical, mental and emotional health.

Rajni Tripathi, Founder of Thought Transformation Institute, and yoga/meditation teacher of 12+ years, will lead live 50-minute sessions incorporating deep stretch and strength-based postures, creating space within.

Her classes are designed to facilitate powerful breath-body connections to reduce stress and anxiety.

Participants are encouraged to use props they have at home, such as blocks, blankets and sturdy cushions for knee and balancing support.

This class is not meant for complete beginners.


Due to the virtual nature of the sessions, it is recommended that participants have had a consistent yoga practice (1/week minimum) for at-least 3 months. 

Movement will include balancing postures, sun-salutations, twists, reclined positions etc.

Registration is required for first time attendees.


These sessions are donation-based.

Donation options will be included in your confirmation email, along with session details.

Please check your spam folder if the confirmation email does not arrive in your inbox or

email Rajni: Rajni [AT]

Rajni's classes always leave me in a better mood and feeling like I'm so tall! She really knows how to gracefully unwind and stretch the body - David Harris

I love how Rajni focuses on the breath. It really allows me to enjoy the practice and feel more connected to myself - Maureen Foltz

Rajni's classes are always well-balanced between stretch and strength and I love her voice! - Caley Douglas

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