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Become an internationally certified holistic mindset and meditation teacher

Are you a woman on a mission to change her life and the world?
Have you dipped your toes into meditation and are ready to go deeper? 
Are you ready to expand your skills, practices, and wisdom behind the art and science of meditation?
If so, you’ve come to the right place.

So much of mindfulness and meditation have been watered down to accommodate the mainstream market, and while that might be ok for some people, we feel it lacks real depth and meaning. 


At the same time, the rise of meditation practices has activated the universal, ancestral wisdom and insight that every woman carries within her. 


Understanding how your body, mind, and spirit function together through a holistic, intelligent connection that happens when you pair meditation with psychological principles, emotional IQ and quantum physics can not only give you 15 minutes of stillness, it can radically change your life forever providing you the opportunity to tap into your inner power to create your world, find peace, stay open, and connect with your loved ones in deeply meaningful ways. 


'Meditation plays a key role in activating the sacred feminine energy within you. And the more we get in touch with, explore, and nourish these qualities, the more they radiate into our lives and our communities.'


If you’ve started your journey of meditation, are ready for more wisdom, and fundamental knowledge to take you deeper on your personal and spiritual path, then this is for you.

We are the bridge that unites science and spirituality...

Integrating ancient spiritual practices with cutting edge discoveries in science will evolve your way of living - body, mind, spirit

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"Going through Rajni's Meditation Training Program has been extremely powerful. It has taken my meditation practice to the next level while learning so much about the science and research behind it all which is extremely fascinating. 


The impact it has had thus far on myself, relationships, and general well being have been monumental. Rajni and the guest speakers brought in during the course have provided incredible insight and valuable information to level up and live an aware, awake, and meaningful life." 

Antonia Rigales., Enterprise Account Executive

What you will Experience & Learn

Connect with ancient roots through learning the herstory (feminine power) and philosophy of meditation throughout the ages so that you will meet the real power and devotion of meditation as an everlasting transformation agent on the planet. Through this connection, you will be able to share the wisdom of meditation in a deep and profound way that changes lives. 

Explore the power of your brain on meditation through learning how the body functions in connection with the brain so that you leave this training program knowing exactly how to change your habits, emotions, beliefs, and limitations through shifting your brain waves and creating new neural pathways while meditating. 


Develop your communication skills and become responsive, not reactive so that you can deepen your relationships with others through clear communication and be seen as a leader in your community for your ability to truly listen and respond from your center (not your triggers)


Expand your mental skills and create a flexible, agile mind with critical thinking so that you can broaden your field of perception, stay open to people who have different ideas, and be clear in your ability to discern the truth. 


Connect with the power of your breath through deep breathwork practices that will fine-tune your nervous system so that you know exactly how to release stress and anxiety in yourself and to pass this invaluable resource along to others. 


Learn the power of your energy field through an exploration of quantum physics in relation to your meditation practice so that you understand the fundamental mechanics of how and why you can change your reality through changing your thoughts, feelings, and words. 


Learn the art of sharing meditation with others so that if you choose to make or expand a business teaching meditation you are equipped with the skills to guide people in breathwork and bodywork meditations, or so that you can bring meditation into your home to share with your family and friends. 


Tap into the mindset of curiosity so that you stay open to opportunities for new experiences that can change your life.​

Old Books


- Sacred feminine studies and activations

- Meditation history/techniques and practices

- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tenets and application

- Neuroscience and Breath education/practices

- Resonance Science (understanding vibration/frequencies)

- Quantum Physics basics (how the physical world works + how to shift your reality beyond the physical in tangible, accessible ways)

- Coding your mindset and maladaptive patterns of thinking/emoting

- The business of teaching and facilitation (includes proposal packages)


The next session begins May 4, 2021, and ends July 28, 2021. The last day to register April 25, 2021. 

- 12 live, virtual weekly sessions are held every Tuesday from 5:30 pm CST to 7:30 pm CST 

- 3 mandatory, intensive weekend sessions are held on Sundays from 10:00 am CST to 2:00 pm CST.

- The Sunday intensive training dates will be scheduled based on group consensus to ensure everyone can attend them live.

- Students are required to attend at least 2 in-person or online meditation classes every week as part of their Diversity-Exposure Meditation Experience


Please Note: attending the live sessions is required to complete the certification. We understand life happens though and if a student absolutely needs to miss more than two classes they will work with Rajni to stay on track with the program.

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Rajni's belief in herself and her truth gave me the courage to stop hiding from my own truth. She is a fierce grace that comes through in a sea of calm.


You will gain an understanding of how meditation links you to an energy that is very real even if science is only scrapping the surface of understanding it.

Rajni - thank you for helping me understand a world that I always knew was there.

Dominica Fisher., Photographer


This is a 100-hour certification program that will allow you to share and teach meditation internationally, however, most people take this course to deepen their understanding of and practice of meditation. 

In order to become certified you'll: 

- Attend all live sessions 

- Complete all reading requirements, assignments, and daily practices

- Pass the final exam

This program is for women who...

- Have at least 1 month of a consistent (2 times a week) meditation practice prior to joining this course

- Are currently able to supportively sit on the floor/chair in a 15 minute seated meditation

- Is deeply curious to explore meditation, science, behavior and spirituality 

- Is open to learning new ideas and appreciates the rich history that meditation upholds

- Will take this course seriously and show up ready to deepen, expand, and learn

This program is not for women who...

- Have no meditation experience 

- Do not take directions well

- Is not interested in learning

- Is not valuing their time and our time as facilitators of this course 

- Is not ready to commit to showing up fully for herself and her growth


Early Bird (before 4/1/21): $1,700

After 4/1/21: $2,000


Monthly payment plans are available.

A $500 deposit is required to register and applied towards your tuition.


Partial scholarships are available for non-profit employees and health care contractors/staff. Email - - with inquiries.

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"This training was simply transformative and I can never go back.  I have added an abundance of tools to my coaching skill set that I acquired as a corporate trainer for a cosmetic company.  


Rajni’s science-based method of teaching the complexity of the brain, mind and body was smart, attainable, and digestible. This has given me the ultimate confidence in communicating the benefits of mindfulness and meditation to anyone. 


Her guidance has elevated my meditation practice and has me dropping in deeper, tuning into my body and its capabilities like never before. I have genuinely leveled up and I only have Rajni and this program to thank." 

Why DEEPEN your meditation practice and become a certified holistic mindset and meditation teacher? 

Personal Mastery: Show up powerfully for your life through a newfound ability  

Community Impact: Experience the deep fulfillment of sharing with your people how to process their emotions, clear their mind, focus, soothe their nervous system and change their lives from the inside out.

Inner Strength: Not only will you develop your own inner strength, confidence, and trust within yourself, you’ll be able to support others in tapping into their own unique strengths that help them to thrive.  

Scientific Wisdom: Meditation is woo-woo until people hear the decades of scientific research and development that validates the power of meditation to change your brain and your life...being able to share this wisdom allows you to branch out and share meditation with anyone, even the non-believers. 

Rich Values: Create a life for yourself full of the tools, techniques, and inner abilities to live fully based on your values so that you live a life of deep insight, alignment, presence, and purpose.

Global Outreach: You will be able to (if and when you choose) teach meditations, classes, and workshops in communities, organizations, and institutes across the world. 

Meet Your Teachers

Rajni Tripathi, Lead Teacher

Rajni is a Mindset & Meditation educator, merging emotional intelligence and mindfulness to change human behavior.
As Founder of Thought Transformation Institute, she brings over 7,000 hours of teaching/coaching experience, hundreds of hours of meditation, yoga and mindfulness training, along with education in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, neurolinguistic programming, evidence-based mindfulness Training, quantum physics and much more. Rajni's purpose is to help others live awake and aware, so they can coach themselves to embody a peaceful life.
She is also the Executive Director of Yoga Service Council and Member of the Board of Directors for the American Women's Medical Association - Chicago. Rajni actively promotes and help facilitate all avenues of mental wellness and emotional health in her community through leadership and education.

Julia Rubenshtyn, Ph.D, Guest Teacher

Julia Rubinshteyn is a licensed clinical psychologist. She earned her PhD in clinical psychology 2015 from Marquette University. She completed her internship at the Denver VA and currently works in Chicago providing services to veterans who have a spinal cord injury.
Julia has been formally trained in various evidenced based interventions including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) to address issues related to depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental heath diagnoses.
Julia has received formal training in mindfulness interventions and often uses these techniques when providing interventions to patients both individually and in a group setting.

Megan Portnoy, Guest Teacher

Megan has dedicated her life and work to the pursuit of resilience and authenticity. Exploration of her varied interests has led to work as a political consultant in Washington D.C., many years as a yoga teacher, a small business owner and community builder, and a public relations director for an NYT best-selling author.
She has made a career of pursuing curiosity wherever it takes her. Now she's aiming her efforts at teaching others how to do the same. Through meditation, stoic practice, exploration of consciousness, movement, and self-inquiry, Megan shows people how to connect with their why and go after it with knowledge, courage, and enthusiasm.

Kirsten Higgins M.Ed, C-IAYT, Guest Teacher

Kirsten is internationally certified in yoga therapy and has trained for over 800 hours in multi-level environments with diverse clientele. Her approach to health conditions encompass a yogic and holistic lens, while considering the lens of our western health-care system.
Kirsten has found her niches in working with techniques to manage stress, anxiety and depression (as well as trauma/ PTSD), yoga for chronic pain, and yoga to assist in healing a physical injury. 
In Spring of 2019, she became faculty of Sundara Yoga’s Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy (TIYT) training program for other yoga teachers on how to work with students and clients experiencing anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Kirsten also leads an Overcome Anxiety Clinic, which is open to the public, four times a year.

"I completed the 100hr Holistic Mindset/Meditation training and DEEPEN.  Rajni tailored the courses so thoughtfully and balanced the mysticism of meditation with the hardcore science behind the practice. 

After graduating, I feel so much more empowered to navigate my own thoughts and use meditation as a tool to open my heart and stay in the moment.

Each class brought me closer to understanding my mind, brain and heart more, and by the end I realized how my experience as a woman can take me deeper in my practice. 

I am forever grateful to Rajni for paving the way to more understanding and more love."

Natasha Tripathi., Artist and Writer for The New Yorker

This training helped me to develop a daily meditation practice that has deeply transformed how I move through the world with deeper self trust and re-grounding in my authenticity. 

Rajni’s soothing voice, kind and curious personality, no-nonsense way of speaking, and very intuitive guidance allowed me to develop meditation practices that I could sustain through the busiest times. My favorite speaker was Megan and the shamanic drumming meditations were amazing.


I find that I am now less caught up in the drama and posturing that I encounter and instead am empowered to find that space between action and reaction; to sustain the stillness so necessary to perceiving our own wisdom; and to more intelligently craft my own responses and behavior.  Loved it!

Tanya Senanayake., Litigation Attorney

Senanayake,  Tanya_091117_0004-B&W-crop

 I came to Rajni’s training program with a simple desire to strengthen my meditation practice. 


What I came away with was so much more ---a deep awareness of my core values, how I wish to show up in the world, and how I may best impact others.


Rajni created a safe space for us to explore, to learn, to be authentic and to share our truths. 


She also integrated science and data so well, to keep my geek at heart engaged and curious. In entering the program, I never truly imagined leading others in meditation, but through Rajni’s mentoring and practicing with fellow students, I uncovered the gift of noticing others’ struggles and creating meditations that helped them shift their perspectives and turn towards self-compassion, love and forgiveness. 


I am able to take this technique and new level of knowing into my coaching practice as well as my clinical psychology studies.

I needed this training more than I ever knew.  I am a different, more grounded, more assured person because of this certification and I cannot thank Rajni enough!

Tiffany Beatty, Founder - Wellness From Within Coaching

Frequently asked questions

I want to learn, but I don't want to teach. Should I still take the course?

Yes. The choice to teach after graduation is purely yours and you'll certainly be equipped with the tools and practice sessions to do so, if you wish to. However, many students take the course for the sheer joy of learning and to quench their curiousities. The impact and depth of the training will change your personal meditation practices and how you experience your relationships and life choices. If down the line you do wish to teach, you'll have lifetime access to all materials, along with the Client Proposal Packages and class outlines/plans.

What subjects will we study?

Curriculum: - Meditation Techniques & Lineages, - Neuroscience, - Mindset Coding, - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tenets, - Resonance Science, - Quantum Education, - Sacred Feminine Energy Mechanics - Business of Teaching and Proposal Packages and more

What is the refund policy?

The last day to request a refund for your $500 deposit is February 19, 2021. After that, your deposit will be applied to any future service you wish to experience or products you wish to use, by Thought Transformation Institute. Tuition refunds will not be provided after class begins on March 2, 2021. However, if a student does not wish to finish the training, AND they are on a monthly payment plan, only the last month will not be charged.

I'm a 200/500 hr yoga teacher. Do I need to be trained in meditation to teach it?

200 hour yoga teacher training is an introduction to yoga as a whole (remember, there are 8 limbs/parts of yoga). As such, whatever you learned about teaching meditation (if it was part of your training) is introductory as well, not to mention, it was not a primary part of your education, since in the U.S., asana (physical postures) are the crux of 200 hour trainings. Meditation teacher training takes you beyond the rudimentary and introductory teaching. It allows you to have well-rounded, focused depth in this field, that is based on brain science and the latest discoveries in quantum physics. If you are a 300 hour (500 hour) advanced teacher training graduate, meditation teacher training allows you to have an expertise specifically in this field. Focus and consistency is the key to expertise, which this training provides with over 100hrs of study and experience.

What do I need to have in order to learn online?

- You'll need to have a designated space (ideally a room with a door if you have multiple people/pets in the house), where you can sit or lie down during the live, classroom settings. It is best that you keep this room as your designated space for the meditation classroom sessions. - Wireless headphones (make sure they are high quality to remove echo and so you are ensured good voice quality) - Stable/reliable internet connection - Meditation cushion and a wall or pillar you can lean on for our longer meditation sessions.

Is there a final exam?

Yes, there is one final exam and one final 15 minute practicum. Students are also required to finish all homework and assignments through the training app on their phone.

What if I have to miss a live, weekly class?

If you know you'll miss a live class, simply email Rajni and let her know. She'll let you know how to make up the content.

I still have more questions. Who should I contact?

Wonderful! Questions are always welcome. You can send an email directly to Rajni at Rajni [AT] (not .com)

More Love...

Rachael Altman, Non Profit Strategist & Yoga Teacher

"The DEEPEN meditation training with Rajni was life changing. She created a sacred space for us to gather, learn, share, and support each other.


Being part of this powerful group of women helped me grow as a person and feel connected to a community, especially during COVID times. The training gave me a strong foundation for deepening my meditation practice and feeling comfortable sharing it with others.


Rajni helped me feel more confident, break out of my shell, and step into my power."

Natalie Eubank, Pediatric Dietitian & Yoga Teacher

"The Holistic Mindset and Meditation Teacher training was a relaxing and enjoyable experience. I looked forward to each class and weekend intensive we had. Rajni created a beautiful and safe space for us to all open up and share. 

My meditation practice was deepened and expanded. My comfort and confidence teaching meditation and yoga improved greatly. I learned a tremendous amount of valuable information from Rajni, the guest speakers and the other students. A lot of new doors were opened for me and I felt a great deal of personal growth during the program. This training helped improve my quality of life and develop a peaceful mindset."

Eileen Arora, Yoga Teacher

"I felt called to join this training, it was a deep sense of knowing this was where I should be at this time. I was looking to deepen my practice, to join in community, and my experience has been just that and more. 


I love learning from Rajni’s deep well of knowledge and the feelings that have arisen since beginning this training. 


I feel this training would be aligned with anyone who is curious to dive deeper, to learn about and feel for themselves the history, the sanctity and the science of these ancient practices." 

"Rajni's teaching style resonates with me at a heart level. She's fully vulnerable, open and intuitive in the moments you share with her. She has a beautiful way of curating a practice that is unique to each individual and allows you to feel safe and supported throughout the journey.

Some of my favorite days were the weekend intensives! We had so much connection time and content to learn. 

I would recommend this training 100%! Everything from the content, people, instructor, guests, and price point were absolutely incredible. I feel strong in my ability to guide meditation and developed a deeper connection with myself through our consistent practices." 

Skylar Durand, Key Leader, Lululemon

"Thank you, Rajni for an incredible class! This course was informative, engaging, fun and thought-provoking.


To have time each week to learn and deepen our own meditation practices as well as learn the tools to be skilled instructors was such a wonderful experience.


And the fact that we got to meet and connect with a group of thoughtful, intelligent, like-minded women while we were at it was the cherry on top.


I recommend this course to anyone looking to begin teaching meditation or to just strengthen their own emotional intelligence skills and connections with other women. Thanks for everything!"

Casey Dickinson, Entrepreneur and SBO



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