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Holistic Mindset and Meditation Program for Women - DEEPEN


Meditation plays a key role in activating the sacred feminine energy within you...and the more we explore and nourish these qualities, the more they radiate into our lives and our communities.

The rise of meditation practices has powerfully activated the universal, ancestral wisdom and insight that every woman carries within her. 

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Become a certified, and qualified meditation teacher
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Why DEEPEN and become a certified Holistic Mindset and Meditation Teacher? 

A holistic perspective on mental health and care is no longer an emerging field, but rather an established scope of education and practice.

Every human being has a beautiful light within just waiting to shine, but external stresses can often block you from unlocking your full potential.


With a team of skilled educators, you'll dive deep, unleashing your true vibrancy and joy, all while becoming a leader in your own life and your communities.

In the DEEPEN training, you'll learn how to
  • Guide powerful healing and calming meditations

  • Embrace your sacred feminine roots and their sacred insights


  • Help others develop consistent meditation, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence practices

  • Heal mother wounds in yourself and help others do the same

  • Understand the fundamental energy mechanics of why you can change your reality through changing your thoughts, feelings, and words 

  • Become responsive, not reactive

  • Apply stress and anxiety release principles to yourself and pass this invaluable resource along to others

  • Know exactly how to change your habits, emotions, beliefs, and limitations through shifting your brain waves and creating new neural pathways

  • Learn open and heart-centered communication skills

  • Teach yourself and others to create a flexible mind and discern truth easily

  • Become a leader in your community and truly listen and respond from your center (not your triggers)

This program is for women who...


  • Want to deepen their therapy, yoga or coaching practice


  • Are corporate or healthcare professionals expanding their leadership skills


  • Are educators, healers, and wellness practitioners


  • Lead high stress and anxiety lifestyles


  • Are deeply curious to explore meditation, science, behavior and spirituality 


  • Have a beginner or consistent relationship with meditation 

Investment:  $3,000

Monthly payment plans are available.


A $250 deposit is required to register and it is applied towards your tuition.

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