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Location: Chicago
Mission: spreading good ideas and sparking new ones 


The Next Collective - Sept 19th from 9:30am - 12:30pm
Every Wednesday:
30 minute Breath Meditation @11:30am - Chill Chicago (River North)
60 minute Holistic Meditation @1:30pm - Practice Fitness and Wellness (Lincoln Park)
Last Monday of every Month:
@8:30pm: 15 minute guided meditation at Crossfit CE for
The Phoenix (Rise, Recover, Live)
Holistic Mindset and Meditation Training Program
9 Weeks beginning Sept 18th. 
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"24 days straight meditation. Great sleep, energy levels have gone up quite a bit and I've also started intermittent fasting. I'm down 7lbs. Just feeling good so I thought i'd share how my journey is going. Anxiety is ok. Still not "cured", but I feel I can breathe through my spells a little better." 

Noah:  "I really liked today the best. I tried laying down and it was much more comfortable than last time. It felt very healing." 

Carol:  "I loved it. I'll come as much as possible. So glad you brought meditation to Practice"  

Eric Hansen" "Loved it. Thought it was great and "easier" to relax than I thought it would be."  (is first time EVER meditating)

"Rajni is a great instructor. Really helps to calm your mind and relax your body"