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Acceptance Meditation Teacher Training

10 Days, 15 hours, Certified
Location: Online
Mission: bringing greater awareness to that which you resist, to create rest in your mind, softness in your heart, greater creativity and better decision-making skills.

Why Become a Certified Acceptance Meditation Teacher?

Global Impact: More and more people are waking up to the necessity of meditation practices, to help them remove emotional blocks and negative mindsets. Be part of that change. 
Powerful Self-Awareness: Deepening your own practice on multiple levels, allows you to be a stronger example of the power of meditation and mindfulness. Help yourself to help others. 
Mastery: In-depth and well rounded education in the art and science of acceptance meditation, will allow you to relate the world and people in a positive and growth-oriented way. 
Outreach: Your certified training will establish your teaching, meditation classes and workshops in communities and organizations.

“This is a very helpful course and provides meditations beneficial to everyone. Rajni is obviously very knowledgeable and guides the learner in a way that is accessible and relatable to all.”

- Julia Rubinshteyn, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist


  • Stress Reduction
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Value of Acceptance
  • Mindful Living
  • Skill of Observation

What You Get

10 powerful, 25 minute guided video meditations designed to quiet the mind and help build stronger and healthier emotions, while healing pain and reducing anxiety.
20 pivotal mindfulness exercises to create heightened awareness, reduce toxic stress and dismantle anger.
Receive up to 1 hour of individualized mentoring, to discuss your learning and goals. Sessions are set up via an online scheduling system to select times best for you, and available within 30 days of your start date.
Meditation script to help you in practicing your clarity of speech and prepare you for public teaching
Yoga Alliance registered teachers receive 15 continuing education credits.
First-time access to BONUS online video and content training and materials.

“For me, meditation is a time when my barriers can drop, or at least lower a bit. For this reason, when I practice guided meditation, I am particular about choosing a guide. Rajni's cadence is soothing and supportive. She creates a space where I feel safe. At the same time, her message of exploration and self-development encourages me to move out of my comfort zone. I value the time I can spend meditating with Rajni, and am grateful that she has created this meditation series

— Stephene Parry, Attorney

Instructor: Rajni Tripathi
Founder of 
Thought Transformation Institute
Rajni is a Mindset & Meditation Coach, merging emotional intelligence and mindfulness to change human behavior.
With over 5,000 hours of teaching/coaching experience, hundreds of hours of meditation, yoga and mindfulness training, along with in-depth and accredited education in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Evidence Based Mindfulness Training, and much more,
Rajni's purpose is to help others live in deeper connection with themselves, so they can teach others the same.
As Board Chair of the Chicago Women's Health Center and Member of the Board of Directors for the American Women's Medical Association - Chicago, Rajni actively promotes and help facilitate all avenues of mental wellness and emotional health in her community.
Upon completion of the program, you will be certified as an Acceptance Meditation Teacher by the Thought Transformation Institute and Founder, Rajni Tripathi.
For Yoga Alliance registered teachers, you will also receive 15 Continuing Education Credits.

Additional Information

The training program is online and DIY
You have lifetime access to this training, however you are required to complete the program within 30 days, in order to receive your teacher certification.
Daily Mindfulness exercises and journaling prompts.
Daily Gratitude practices.
Additional assignments including evidence-based reading materials.
Testing:  Successful completion of the program will require a 10 minute video recording of the student teaching meditation, as well as a short, written exam. 
Participants will spend a total of 15 hours for all practices, guided video meditations, assignments and short evidence-based readings during this training program.


The basic criteria for the training program is a deep desire to explore yourself and a devotion to your well-being.
It is helpful to have at least 3 - 6 months of a meditation, mindfulness, yoga or another holistic practice experience.
Tuition is $147. 
15 Continuing Education Credits will be offered for registered Yoga Alliance teachers.