5 Day Breath Meditation and Focus Series

5 Days, 1 - 2 hours
Location: Online
Free and designed for all meditation practioners
Mission: achieve greater focus, destress and regulate anxiety

focus is key to your health and success

Your 'flow state' happens when your brain enters the Alpha-Theta wave stage.

Here, anxiety and stress reduce their mental, emotional and physical charge, and your nervous system is able to relax.

This is also where space is created for creativity and expansion to be part of your problem-solving and decision-making processes.

As you practice meditation and complete concentration exercises, you'll harness the power of focus and train your mind how to think.

What You Get

  • Daily 10-15 minute guided, video meditations
  • Focus Reflection exercise
  • Focus Reading exercise
  • Meditation-Sit Guide

These 5 day practices went by so fast and I can actually feel a big difference in my ability to concentrate and NOT procrastinate

Carrie Owen, Creative Specialist

Best sleep I've had in a while. The impact of Rajni's short meditations go well beyond the 5 day course

Frank Hoffman, Engineer

This was my first experience with a consistent meditation set-up and I'm hooked. Rajni's voice is soothing and helped me manage my monkey mind. 

Alicia Autry, Senior Manager

Instructor: Rajni Tripathi

Rajni is a Mindset & Meditation Educator, merging emotional intelligence, mindfulness and meditation to change human behavior.

With over 5,000 hours of teaching/coaching experience, hundreds of hours of meditation, yoga and mindfulness training, along with in-depth education in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Evidence Based Mindfulness Training, and much more,


Rajni's purpose is to help others live in deeper connection with themselves, so they can teach others the same.

As Executive Director of Yoga Service Council, Yoga School Director of Peacelab Shala, Board Chair of the Chicago Women's Health Center,  and Member of the Board of Directors for the American Women's Medical Association - Chicago, Rajni actively promotes and help facilitate all avenues of mental wellness and emotional health in her community.

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